Types of Short Haircuts for Every Face Shape

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No matter what your face shape is, there surely is a short haircut perfect for you out there, but before making a decision that you might regret if the haircut doesn’t suit your face, read this article to find out which are the best types of short haircuts for you.

The layered bob

If you have straight or wavy hair and your face is square-shaped, the ideal haircut for you is the layered bob. This is due to the reason that the layered bob adds soft edges to make your face look softer and to give it a feminine appeal, a thing that all square-shape faced women need because they have a rough look. Also, the layered bob allows you to give a lot of volume on top if you want to play around with different hair styles.

Bob with fringe

One of the most famous women that rock the bob with fringe haircut is Michelle Obama, and it’s best to try this amazing and daring haircut if you have a heart-shaped face.
The playful and cute bob with fringe gives you a jovial appeal due to the bangs, and the layered locks add a bouncy look, making it ideal for women who not only have a heart-shaped face, but who are always happy and who like to smile a lot.

The pixie undercut

Another great haircut for women with heart-shaped faces is the pixie undercut, and while it may seem like an edgy choice to go with, it’s one that won’t only look spectacular on you, but it will make you the focus point of everyone surrounding you. The reasons why more and more women are turning to this haircut are mainly because it gives their look a lot of personality, and it’s incredibly low maintenance as well.

Short layers with fringe

If you have a round face and you want to have a more angular look, the short layers with fringe haircut is the perfect one for you. This is due to the fact that the fringe makes the shape of the face appear more angular, and the short layers highlight your cheekbones better.
It’s a great haircut that will make you look fresh and youthful, and that requires very little work to keep in a good condition, looking good for all the hair types.

Shoulder length with baby bangs

Baby bangs are a rather tricky haircut to go with, but for those who have an oval shaped face this style works wonderfully. It works best for those who have wavy and straight hair, therefore if you have curly hair you should avoid this haircut, and it will give you an elegant and stunning look if you have shoulder length hair.