Spring Nail Design Ideas

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If you are looking for a way to spice up your typical mani, then you can draw inspiration from these 5 ideas. These nail design ideas are very easy to make, and although some might require some time and patience, it’s definitely worthwhile spending the time changing your look and feeling better for yourself. Here are some Spring nail design trends that you will simply adore.

Matte black nails

If you like the way black matte polish looks, you’re not the only one. Matte polish can make your nails look classy and mysterious at the same time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to choose a somber design. You can create a fun polka dot pattern on your nails by painting your nails black and use a dotting tool to create the white dots.

Modern nail design

If you want to look and feel fashionable at all times, you can choose a modern nail design, such as this one. Pastel is a trendy color choice for this spring, so don’t hesitate to create a modern look for yourself by painting your nails a pastel color. Once you have painted your nails a trendy pastel color, you can use a nail art brush to draw thin lines across your nail. You can either use a white nail polish for the lines or spice it up by using a vivid color.


If your favorite nail look is the french mani, then you will love this next design, because it gives you the chance to add a creative twist to your typical french manicure. Paint your nails white and white until the polish dries completely. Then you can use a small brush to paint the tips black and wait for it to dry. The last steps consist in using a nail art pen to draw an outline to the bottom of your tips with a colorful polish of your choice.

White gold ombré nails

White and gold is a great combination that can complement just anyone. If you are planning to put together a white outfit for yourself, then you can add a touch of sophistication to the look by painting your nails white. Once the white polish dries completely, you can create an look by adding a layer of gold glittering polish to the tips of the nail.

Elegant nail design

This spring is all about pastels and neutral colors. The same goes for your nail design look. If you are looking for ways to upgrade a simple nude manicure, then you can consider using small gems to create an accent nail design. Simply paint your nails nude and glue onto the nails small rhinestones or gems that you can find at craft stores. You will instantly look more elegant and classy.