Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

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If you are a fashion passionate who always wants to look like out of the box, you are definitely keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends of the year. To give you a hand in achieving the perfect look, we reveal which are the most important fashion trends of spring 2016 so you will know what to include in your wardrobe.

    • This year’s spring brings back the suede that was so popular in the 1970s, which is a trend that most designed happily embraced. You can see the soft and velvety fabric in almost everything, from skirts to pants to shirts and hats.
    • Lace is another trend that is maintaining its popularity this season as well but in higher amounts. If the previous season offered insertion of lace, the actual trends include all-lace garments that combine sensuality and delicacy. If you were yearning for some transparency this spring, lace is something you should include among your clothes.
    • English sleeves are another trend that is starting to gain more and more popularity among designers who set the tone in fashion. The fluffy oversized sleeves have been included in floral dresses, black and white overalls, and elegant uni dresses that needed a touch of innovation.
    • Comfortable shoes are starting to take over the runway and to replace the sky-high stiletto heels. Great names like Alexander Wang and, surprise, Victoria Beckham have started to use stylish flats in their fashion shows.
    • Spanish influences are another innovation in the spring 2016 fashion trends that will make you think about the passion and beauty of the Spanish culture. You can find them in clothes made of fiery red fabrics, with large ruffles around the neck or at the sleeves.
    • If high waist was a popular trend the previous season, now you will be able to enjoy paper bag waists, which include high-waist skirts or pants. These garments are very versatile and can be matched to a wide range of blouses both for day and night outfits.
    • Although knits are not the most suitable garments for the spring season, designers thought you might need something for the chilly evenings, so they are offering soft and thin knits that you can use as outerwear.
    • As for colors, the most popular ones for the year that has just begun are soft pink and pastel blue, two shades that go extremely well with spring. You will find them in all kinds of combinations and you will love the airy feeling they offer.