How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes

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Let’s face it, we have all wanted to have eyelashes like the ones in the commercials but we never manage to achieve them because we don’t know how to care for them the right way. If you learn how to take care of your lashes and which products to use in your daily beauty routine, you will have long, strong, and curvy lashes that will enhance your aspect.

  • A good moisturizing of your eyelashes can do wonders for them and can make them look ten times longer and curvier, so never skip this beauty step. You can offer your lashes the proper nutrition by using an eyelash growth serum that encourages the lashes to grow and to be more voluptuous. Castor oil makes a great lash growth serum due to its growing properties and all the nutrients it provides to your lashes. Mix it with argan oil and a capsule of vitamin E and apply the resulted serum on your lashes every night before going to bed. There are also some commercial serums that you can try. If you don’t want to make your own, read some reviews on and chose whichever serum sounds more convenient.
  • Although they look nice, false lashes are not an option if you want to take good care of your eyelashes. The glue that is used to stick the false lashes to your natural ones will damage the root and when you will try to take the false ones off, your own lashes will break and fall.
  • Finding the right mascara for you implies looking for a quality product consisting of healthy ingredients that will not damage the lashes. Most women choose their mascara based on how long and thick it makes the lashes look, but you must know that you should also look for a mascara that will protect and nourish your lashes. Look for one with minerals and vitamins that will help your lashes grow stronger and you will achieve two goals at a time.
  • Eye makeup removal should be a routine that you never skip because this step protects your lashes and prevents them from breaking. If you go to sleep with your lashes covered in mascara, they will break during the night, so never skip taking your makeup off.
  • How you remove your makeup is also important for beautiful and healthy lashes. You must use a soft cotton bud and preferably a liquid eye makeup removal that softens the mascara so you won’t have to pull it off your lashes. Soak the cotton pad in makeup removal and perform gentle one-direction moves until the mascara starts coming off.