How to Dress According to Your Body Type

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Dressing well requires knowing your body type and discovering what flatters you and what hides your flaws, so the overall outfit will be appropriate for your height, weight, and body shape. However, not every woman knows which are her body features in order to know how to choose what looks good on her and how to avoid what doesn’t fit her. This is why we made a guide for every woman who is curious to know how to dress according to her body type.

If you are a pear shape woman

The last body type is the pear which means plenty of volume in the lower body area, so you should avoid ruffled or circle skirts and dresses. Accentuate your top half to create balance and avoid prints and layers in the lower area. Flare pants with high waist and detailed blouses are a must in your wardrobe.

If you are an apple shape woman

This body type means you have to highlight your shoulders and legs so the attention will be distracted from your midsection. Large sleeves, bell-shaped blouses, a swing coat, or ruffles in the shoulder area are the best options that camouflage your problematic body area. If you are a fan of pants, you should try a pair of low-waist straight pants and if you prefer skirts, a high-waist circle model will be perfect. Avoid straight dresses that follow your waistline and opt for an A-line dress instead to cover your midsection.

If you are a rectangle shape woman

Rectangle shape women need volume either in the upper area or in the lower area and a defined waist that will make their body look more voluptuous. Opt for blouses with details around the cleavage and choose short and fluffy skirts that will make your hips look bigger. You look very good in short pants and skirts and you should use as many prints as you can in your outfits.

If you are an hourglass shape woman

The hourglass body shape is the most envied because it has a pleasant waist, volume in the breast area, and a balanced volume in the lower area. Hourglass women look good in tight clothes that flaunt their waist and their appealing curves. Belted jackets, crop tops, tight shirts, they all look good on an hourglass woman. However, if one of the areas is too big, you should try to mask it like, for example, avoid a deep cleavage if you have huge breasts or opt for a pencil skirt if your derriere is too big. Avoid too much volume in the upper and lower area and opt for long skirts and straight pants.