Girly Patio Decor Ideas

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The patio can be used as an additional living room, but to be able to enjoy the time you spend in it, you have to decorate it the best way possible. Therefore, if you’re looking for some cheery and playful girly patio decor ideas, read the following lines to find out your best options.

Beautifully colored pillows

No matter the type and size of the furniture that you go with for the patio, you must make colored and cheerful additions to create a girly decor. A decoration piece that isn’t allowed to miss from a girly patio are the colored small pillows. You can put them all over the furniture, adding life and spunk to the place, and if you buy small pillows in lively colors like pink, red, aqua blue, and green, every time you go outside to sit on the couch in the patio, you’ll feel like you’re getting a much needed dose of energy and happiness.

Keep warm with style

To be able to enjoy the patio even when night settles, you need a heat source. Infrared heaters are the best type of outdoor heaters. The best infrared heater for outdoor use is the Bromic Tungsten Smart Radiant Infrared Electric Patio Heater, this 4000W outdoor infrared heater being powerful enough to provide with the heat you need to spend your nights chatting with your friends outside.

It costs only $600, you can mount it to be a discrete addition, the spectral reflector offers excellent heat distribution, it’s compatible with dimmer, switch, or smart control systems, and the infrared tube heating elements emit a glow for ambiance. What makes this unit the best infrared heater for outdoor use, is the fact that it has a sturdy design, being made for quality materials that can withstand different weather conditions.

A mirror never hurt no one

All girls like to check themselves in the mirror, no matter if they’re preparing to go out or if they just want to spend 5 extra minutes while they’re home alone to admire what they like and what they don’t like about themselves. Therefore, a decor addition that you shouldn’t skip on for the patio is the mirror. In addition to being very functional for when you want to check the way your make-up looks, a mirror is mandatory for a patio because it makes the entire place look bigger as well, being perfect for small patios.

Add beautiful window boxes

For the perfect girly decor, you need plants, but in addition to the plants that you already have on the patio, sitting in containers, you can liven up the entire space by putting window boxes filled with your favorite flowers. The more colored they are, the better, this small addition showing how in touch you are with nature and that you’re a playful person. The best part is that window boxes don’t require a lot of maintenance, being ideal as decoration pieces due to this fact.