First Date Etiquette

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When you are going on a first date, you want everything to be perfect so you will make a good impression and your partner will be happy to go on a second date with you. For this to happen, you must pay attention to some simple but important first date etiquette rules.

Dress to impress

Your outfit is very important because it speaks of you before you get the chance to say anything, so you will want it to speak the best of you. Although it’s a romantic date, you don’t want to inspire too much sexuality, so avoid clothes that reveal too much. You don’t want to look cheap or desperate, so you should keep your assets hidden. It’s true that you can’t dress as for a job interview either, but it’s best that you keep a decent and elegant outfit. Depending on the place you are going, you can opt for a delicate dress or a pair of pants and a nice blouse.

Don’t scare him

The last thing a man wants to hear on a first date is how much you want to get married, how anxious you are to meet his mother, and the names you will call your future children. Unless you don’t like your date and you are trying to make him run away, you should not make long-time plans on a first date. Let him know that you are open minded and you take things as they are, without making a commitment too soon.

Don’t be too honest

There are things that should be kept hidden until a person becomes more intimate and gets to know you better, so you should keep the scary stories for a later date. You don’t want to let your partner discover all your family’s history or all your embarrassing experiences, so it’s best to keep the nasty stories for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to lie and make up stories about yourself, but you should avoid revealing personal things.

Don’t keep talking about your ex

Bringing your ex into the conversation will not highlight the qualities of your date, but will show your frustrations and regrets. It’s good to be honest about your past and admit your mistakes, but don’t turn your first date into a memorial service for your ex-partner. Otherwise, you will never get the chance to a second date.

Don’t drink too much

Although you want to relax and get rid of the anxiety and emotions, overdrinking is not the key to loosen up. You could make a fool of yourself if you start talking nonsense or if you suffer an accident because you drank too much. No man wants to go out with a woman who drinks more than him, so limit the drinking to a cup that will accompany the dinner.