5 Ironing Mistakes Most Women Make

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Ironing is not an easy task and most women hate doing it because its yield depends on several aspects that must be taken into account. Not knowing what to do can result in low performance and you might even give up before finishing ironing all your clothes. Below, you have 5 of the most frequent mistakes women make while ironing, so you will know what to take into account next time you start ironing your garments.

    • Using regular tap water is the most comfortable way to fill your steam iron’s water tank, but it’s not the most beneficial for your iron. It’s a known fact that tap water is hard water, meaning it contains high amounts of chalk that settles on the components of the iron. This minimizes the performance of the iron while steaming and can cause it to stop working too soon. If you are using a clothes steamer, you should absolutely avoid using tap water and replace it with distilled water that contains no minerals that could create limescale deposits.
    • If you iron without enough padding underneath the clothes, you will not get rid of the wrinkles as easily as if you were using a soft padding. It’s best that you press the iron onto a soft ironing surface that will force the wrinkles to go away. If your ironing board is not very soft, you can add another blanket to it. The same goes with using a clothes steamer, so make sure you purchase a hand pad that will help you remove the wrinkles faster.
    • Another common mistake women make while ironing is they don’t manage the heat properly. Every fabric or garment comes with some ironing instructions or has a certain thickness that requires a higher or lower level of heat. Never use the same level of heat on delicate and thick fabrics, because you will risk damaging them. Use the dial on the iron or on the clothes steamer to make sure you apply the right heat on various types of fabrics.
    • Regardless the fabric they are made of, clothes are easier to iron while still damp, so keep this in mind next time you completely dry the clothes you need to iron. The dampness in the clothes makes the fabric easier to handle and takes the wrinkles out faster. If the clothes are not damp when you start ironing, you can spray them with some water.
    • If you try to iron all your clothes in one session, you will soon get bored and you will not iron them to perfection. If you don’t have a clothes steamer that will have the job done faster and with less effort, it’s best that you schedule the ironing in short sessions that will allow you to rest, so you will finish all you have to iron.